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After Hurricane Sandy

Ron Alford (aged 73), an expert in crisis management, decided to come out of retirement to do something about the massive ignorance and intimidation consumers endure with most all property insurance issues and disaster recovery problems.
Alford has personally managed over 13,000 insurance related disasters in New York City from huge plumbing floods in high-rises to devastating fires, hurricanes, and wind damage.

With this kind of experience, wisdom naturally follows which has given Alford the motivation to right this wrong and to help innocent consumers from becoming prey to those who sell invisible products which are nothing more than a promise printed on paper in exchange for a lot of hard earned cash.

In 1988 Alford recalled that out of those 13,000 victims only a tiny hand full had a complete understanding of how The Titans GAME was played and the rules of the CLAIM GAME.

Yes, Alford has an epic matter on the table that is like a flea leading an elephant and he believes it can be done when tens of thousands of consumers discover that there is a viable and cost effective method for the consumer to take total control of their RISK financing issues and no longer be in the dark before, during or after it hits their fan.

Alford has authored 3 consumer’s books on insurance that he refers to as The GRIEF INDUSTRY; The Crime of the Century – INSURANCE; How to Win the Insurance Claim Game; and Car Insurance Secrets.

Contrary to the protective language insurers use that imply a warm fuzzy comfort and joy, there is nothing fun, joyful or even good about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, car wrecks, disability or death.

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What is worse is being forced to suffer additional stress and pain by learning how The Titans and their defense team play The Claim Game to, dodge, delay or deny, underpay, or not pay at all. Lost time creates grief and money dealing with the unknowns in the recovery process.

Just the word INSURANCE itself is a total mystery much like the word OCEAN. Both are bodies filled with trillions of unknowns that can only be understood after much time and research and you are in or under the water.

Said another way, most people are under water and drown in the ocean of insurance when they become victims of accidents or disasters.

Alford is intense, loud and arrogant.  He has a mission on his bucket list to get RISK FINANCING as a class in high school and college.  Since every man, woman and child is directly affected by The GRIEF INDUSTRY, the only way to manage life is to understand and plan.

If the insurers 100% commissioned sales agents were to approach consumers with, “I have a confusing legal contract to sell you and you have to pay for in cash” they would have a hard time building their sales.

If the agents told the truth, they would tell the consumer that there are no instructions that come with this legal contract. In order to find out how the insurer will handle your claim after you suffer a loss, you have to call to be told how much you lost in the event, based on their low-ball assessment.

Not In Good Hands Anymore
Not In Good Hands Anymore

In doing so, you will be blitzed by a blizzard of insurer’s jargon and lingo. Examples are policies are really very legal contracts, premiums are really cash, “your agent” is not your agent it is their agent, L K Q=  Like Kind & Quality and aftermarket parts are really phony, fake, counterfeit crash parts made cheaply to fit name brand vehicles.

Oh, you think that the government and legal system is all consumers need to help consumers?  Alford says that consumers do not have an even chance due to the insurance lobbyists and the fact that there is not one class in America that teaches risk financing but 10,000 classes that teach you how to sell insurance.


Consumers across North America are coming together as one as members of The Consumer’s Action Plan.

Alford expects that savvy consumers reading this article will become a member of ThePlan, especially if you believe that Quality unbiased information has substantial value and that thousands of victims & vendors are smarter, better and faster than any one individual.