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The Better Service Plan – In association with 1-800-TheClaim

The Better Service Plan, Ron Alford Every year, consumers have mishaps that require them to find service providers for their home, car or business. In most cases, these needs arise when you least expect them.

I’ll bet that you have never jumped out of bed in the morning with a burning desire to hire a locksmith, plumber, electrician, tow truck, carpet cleaner, sewer and drain cleaner, appliance repair guy, lawyer etc.

How do you choose and work with service provider in your area, that you only need on rare occasions or once in a lifetime?

If you think that asking your friends for recommendations is a good idea, you are right.

The trouble is that friends rarely have the source you need so you are very likely to end up looking on Google. The down side to this is, buying services on the internet is like a blind man judging a beauty contest. It is impossible to know what will show up at your door or your final cost in time and money.

Google and Yellow Pages advertising costs service providers a fortune, which you pay for in many ways.

The service providers who have LARGEST ads in the Yellow Pages are generally the most expensive and the least trustworthy.

Since most service providers know that you will never be a regular customer they are forced to maximize every opportunity to get your money. You get a great pitch on the phone and their bill is twice as much as you thought.

How to Find Quality Service Providers

Finding quality service providers is a very risky situation that can be better managed when many people are involved in the selection process.

To this end the members of ThePlan are encouraged to share their experiences with service providers both Good and Bad.

When a member needs a service they check with us to see if there are any good or bad guys in their area.