What is The Consumer’s Action Plan?

ThePlan is a personal risk management and contingency plan for individuals, and small business owners in the form of a membership. ThePlan provides its members with risk management tools, education and support services for their homes, vehicles, or business.

What does it provide a member?

It provides you with eight specific benefits in addition to access to ACTION PLAN(s) to prevent unwanted events and manage those which occur. ThePlan provides a holistic approach for managing your assets and preventing the loss of valuable time each year.

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Isn’t that why I have insurance?

Absolutely not!  Insurance is merely a refunding mechanism to replace the financial losses you can prove following a disaster.

ThePlan provides its members with true protection and risk management plans that insurance companies don’t want you to know. One of the nine benefits of ThePlan is having experienced people on your side if you ever need to recover from a disaster and file a claim.  Why should any insurance company help you how to collect large sums from them?

Collecting your due from insurance companies can be more devastating than the loss. The time and energy you must expend to get what you’re entitled to, is never paid for by insurance.