Why does ThePlan exist?

To safeguard the time, energy and sanity of our Members. Consumers with above-average intelligence realize that their time and energy are valuable commodities that need to be protected. Until now consumers relied on insurance companies to protect their assets.

Because insurance has no incentive to conserve a consumer’s time, energy or sanity… The Plan protects its Members from these (alleged) protectors.  It’s about strength in numbers. The Plan exists to empower each Member with the strength of a mountain – rather than just being a grain of sand in the desert.

The Consumer’s Action Plan is a single method for a lone consumer to access quality information on proactive risk management techniques, loss prevention and recovery services and to provide the clout needed when negotiating with any financial institutions.

What is the mission of The Plan?

To serve its members’ interests at all times by providing education, strength in numbers, quality information and support services.