How much does it cost?

Less than 25¢ per day. Just $89 for the year.

Give me a recap of the features of The Consumer’s Action Plan.

The Consumer’s Action Plan is a membership organization that provides education, risk management tools and support services for its Members.

Membership Features and Benefits include:

  • Owner’s Locator Plan – unique system allows you to be notified when there’s a problem with your home
  • Education – informative bulletins on line, and articles that provide you time and money savings
  • Personal Coaching – Provide personalized coaching assistance when you have a legitimate claim
  • Vehicle Recovery Plan – unique system increases your chance of retrieving your car if stolen
  • Better Service Plan – Members share their opinions of service providers of all kinds
  • Claims With Clout – Insurance claims are settled rapidly and fairly for Plan Members
  • Insurance Company Rating – Members chose an insurer based on how they pay claims – not cost alone
  • Ron’s Consumer E-Books – Each Member receives copies of all 3 Consumer E-Books, written by Ron Alford, Consumer Educator