Is Geico’s Gecko out to get you?

The true business of The GRIEF INDUSTRY (aka insurance) is The Claim Game.

The “Grief Industry” clearly defines the business of insurance and the gamut of the products they sell   to consumers. To win in The CLAIM GAME, you have to lose.  Lose your car, your house, your property, your arm, your health, or your life.

There is NOTHING fun, nice or even friendly about The Grief Industry. Although the industry trains consumers daily to treat the purchase of insurance as if their protection is like buying a box of corn flakes or toilet paper from the discount 99 cent stores. Or some billion dollar gecko with a foreign accent is the “go to” reptile that will save you money.  Duh!

Gecko eating

To make the GAME more palatable for the pubic, the captains of the Grief business have redefined the English language so that buying into The GAME will be more savory for consumers, and The Captain’s commissioned Agents can sell more “protection”.

In short, The Grief Industry is a colossal financial game, wherein consumers pay hard cash in exchange for a promise written on official looking paper and the buyer is told, “No problem, don’t worry we will take care of everything.” Sound wonderful?

The words used in the marketing are kind thoughts of caring coined by spin doctors who can turn facts into fiction. Examples:  Money is now premiums; Death Contracts are now Life Insurance Policies; Like a good neighbor SF is there…Nationwide is on your side…

When the alleged insured suffers a loss and reports it to the company, The Claim Game begins. Instantly a wonderful customer is turned into a distrustful adversary, who wants to be paid for their losses.

What are the rules of The CLAIM GAME?

The only rules or instructions consumers get about disaster recovery is from the Titans, who want victims to call their commissioned sales Agents for help. This is clearly a conflict of interest for the Titans, as it allows the insurance company to manage the victim’s personal lost time, the quality and quantity of restoration services. It is always detrimental to the victims.

The contract of insurance says that it will pay to restore damaged or lost property. No one should ever call the people who owe them money and expect unbiased directions or advice.

The problem is that when they suffer a loss, and are tossed into The Claim Game, the victim is under severe stress brought on by intimidation of the unknown. The net result is that victims have no choice but to do what the commissioned Agent told them, which was to call their adversary for help.

What the victims do not know is the rules; the insurer’s players rely on consumer ignorance, trust and belief that the spin doctors are truthful and that their opponents actually care about victims.

To the contrary, the insurance industry is clearly a self-serving, cash flow, finance business that has managed to make consumers do things that are actually illegal in most states and that is to have the insurance team steer the victims to the insurance companies deep discount repair companies.

The Game is getting bigger amongst the Titans of the Insurance Companies, whilst they compete viciously on TV, radio, Google, print etc. to steal customers from one another and to force smaller, better operated companies out of business. America cannot afford to allow small insurance companies to go out of business.


The smartest thing consumers can do is to avoid doing business with the Titans whose public relations efforts cost them billions of dollars in TV ads to pilfer and abuse customers from their competition.

The insurance industry knows and understands more about human behavior and what consumers do, than any other business on earth and they use consumer ignorance about their business to continue to keep consumers in the dark with false advertising, distractions and renaming grief related products using words and emotions that consistently fool consumers.