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The Insurance Company Rating Plan
  • ThePlan provides members with how insurers pay claims and treat victims. This is the only intelligent method of purchasing insurance to save you TIME DOLLARS and GRIEF.
  • Insurers check your credit, shouldn’t you check theirs?
The Stolen Vehicle Recovery Plan
  • The Plan’s Stolen Automobile Locator Decals give passers-by and the authorities a means to contact you through The Plan.
The Owner’s Locator Plan
  • A unique action plan to manage the vulnerabilities of property ownership.
Education Bulletins
  • The regular Education Bulletins you get will not only keep you up to date so you can avoid disasters, but will also enhance your insurance education and your knowledge of your insurance contract.
The College of Emergency Knowledge Plan
  • ThePlan provides its members with answers to the questions that you don’t have time to think about today, much less do in an emergency.
The Claims With Clout Plan
  • Thousands of brains, and years of experience shared by our members provides you with the clout you need under severe stress following and accident or disaster. When an insurance agent and adjusters know they’re dealing with insurance savvy consumers who have been coached by professionals at you get different treatment.
The Better Service Plan
  • Service providers who are members, and render quality services for other members are rewarded by ThePlan with the opportunity for exclusive recommendations, via 1-800The Claim.


100% Money Back Guarantee. We are so sure that you will be happy with the time and money we will save you by educating you on how to deal with insurance companies that we will refund your full membership price if you are not fully satisfied with your membership.

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