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A Real Piece of Mind

Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, Washington

Every woman car owner should read this book right now!  The knowledge I got saved me $2300 when I had an accident.  I never thought I’d read any book about ‘insurance’—but this one is a page-turner.  It gave me instant insight and confidence to manage an ugly situation and come out okay.  Before this, I had no idea what really goes on when your car is repaired and how awful it is to get an insurance company to do the right thing.  This book is now my BIBLE—and I give to everyone I know who buys a new car!

Read It. Before You Learn the Hard Way

Reviewer: A reader from Atlanta, Georgia

I heard the author, Ron Alford, on a radio interview—AFTER I had an accident.  If I’d read this BEFORE it happened—I probably would have saved a lot of time, money and problems, because I would have known how to manage the whole process.  It’s a great book.  I keep referring back to it.

The Real Piece of Mind

Reviewer: from Albany NY

This book explains the real deal on how to deal with a collision from the insurance company to the body shop, repaired or total loss. No smoking mirrors here.


Incredible Information 

Reviewer: A reader from Charleston, SC

The author, Ron Alford, was interviewed on MSNBC about the Oklahoma Tornado victims, talking about what people can do to plan for disasters, large and small. I got this book the same day, and now I feel prepared and aware of so much that I never thought about before. It is really good stuff, and I thank the author for sharing his “insider’s information” that insurance people never will. I am ready for claim day.


How to Win the Insurance Claim Game should be read by every home owner

Reviewer: A reader from Cambridge, Massachusetts

How to Win the Insurance Claim Game was given to me by a friend who had read it. I breezed thru it, and put it on the shelf. UNTIL THE DAY A PIPE BROKE AND RUINED 1/2 OF MY HOUSE. I grabbed that book and followed the information, which guided me through the claims process. I felt like the book was written about me! It helped so much, and the things I learned from it, I figure made the difference in about $13,000 of what the insurance co. would have TRIED to give me. Knowledge is power. Read this book.