Request for Proposal

Special Online discount insurance applications will never save you money on your home or vehicle.

Discount insurers never provide you with the right coverage for YOU.

Everybody needs different coverage. Use the Request for Proposal below, to get all of the coverages that you need.

Download the document here: Request for Proposal – ThePlan

RFP – Request for Proposal

Date __________________

Dear Insurance Agent:

I am interested in receiving a quote from you to insure my home, co-op, rental dwelling that I now own or am about to rent.

Please take careful notice that I have submitted a separate “Owners Information Form”

Please complete the form in its entirety.  A blank line will indicate to me that you do not offer the coverage requested. To assist getting a prompt reply from you, I have enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope, or you can e-mail your quote to me at  __________________.

If you have any questions, I invite your call and I look forward to your prompt response.


Respectfully submitted,



Be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope or a fax number where they can send the written quote, so that they don’t have to delay your quote.


Owners Or Renters Information 

Mr.  Mrs.  Ms.  Dr.

Last ______________________  First _______________ Initial ____

Address ________________________________________________

City __________________________  State _____  Zip ___________

Phone:  Day (    ) ______­________  Eve  (    ) _______­_________

SSN ____­____­ _____   [  ] Male  [  ] Female

DOB   ___ \ ___ \ ___

Single [  ]   Divorced [  ]   Married [  ]

Occupation ______________________________________________

I am presently insured with ______________________ Insurance Co.

My present insurance expires on ___ \ ___ \ ____.

I have worked in my present job for [    ] years

I have filed [   ] claims in the last 5 years

Property Information

Address ___________________________________________________

City ________________  Zip _______  County  ___________

Year Built _____  # of Stories, _________ Square Feet. _____

Type of Construction   [  ] Masonry  [  ] Frame  [  ] Other _______________

Distance to fire department _________ blocks/ miles.

Distance from fire hydrant ___________ Feet/ yards/ miles

Smoke detectors in each room? Y/  N ,   Total ______ in dwelling.

[  ] Central station alarm Y / N Company ____________________

[  ] Alarm system: Manufacturer _____________________

[  ] Outbuildings Y/ N [  ] Garage [  ] Barn [  ] Rental Unit

[  ] Swimming pool

[   ] I have current photos of the interior and exterior of this dwelling and its contents to attest to these statements   Y/ N

Comments: ____________________________________________________________________


Based on the information above, please quote prices on each of the coverage’s below. I will choose the coverage I want after a price for each has been quoted. If you do not sell insurance as written please mark each coverage N/A (not available).


Circle appropriate coverage

HO 1 Standard Fire medical payments and policy

HO 2 Broad form

HO 3 Special Homeowners

HO 5 Comprehensive Homeowners

Coverage A: Structure Rebuilding cost of

Coverage B: Personal belongs and Contents coverage

Coverage C:  Out Buildings

Coverage D: Additional Living Expense



General Liability

Circle one

$100,000, $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, $ __________________


Circle only one

$500, $750, $1,000, $ __________________


Homeowners Coverage’s With Explanations

The following are the endorsements available in most states.  Some endorsements add value to the base policy and some endorsements subtract value. READ and ask QUESTIONS of the Agent.

Special Personal Property Coverage’s

This provides coverage for personal property against all types of loss, except those excluded in the endorsement.


Structures rented to others (Residence Premises Only)

It provides coverage for a structure in your residence/ premises that you rent to others for dwelling purposes.


Additional Insured

Provides coverage for a joint owner of the residence premises who is NOT shown in the Declarations as a NAMED insured.


Building Code Upgrade

Provides coverage for the cost to upgrade the insured building to current building codes following a loss.

Each state has its own individual laws regarding the types of insurance coverage’s available and way that the Insurance Department works to regulate the insurance industry.

To get more information from your State Insurance Commission, either call them or write to get the information you need. Use the letter below or modify it to suit your needs.

Dear Insurance Commissioner:

Please send me the following information on home insurance:

  • Minimum coverage requirements and explanations of each.
  • A list of coverage’s and definitions which are available in this state.
  • Details of how to properly document and file a first party claim.
  • An approved or prototype claim form for first party claims.
  • Details of how to properly document and file a third party claim.
  • An approved or prototype claim form for third party claims.
  • List of consumer complaints against insurance companies.
  • Pamphlets, newsletters or press releases on home insurance.

Your speedy cooperation will be appreciated. Thank you,

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

City: _____________ St.: ___ Zip: _______________________

Home Phone _________________________________________

E-Mail Address________________________________________