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Ron Alford, ThePlan
Ron Alford, ThePlan

Ron Alford- Bio

Ron Alford started his career in the crisis management business in 1957, as a team member in the United States Coast Guard. When disasters happened or the weather turned bad, Alford and his team went to sea to search and rescue victims in the worst of circumstances.

Over the years, as he learned some difficult lessons from his clients Ron Alford received public, media and personal recognition and awards from the Prudential Insurance Company, Contractor of the Year from the Greater NY Contractors Council and in 1985 Businessman of the Year.

The print media such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, Good Housekeeping, The Daily News, Mechanix Illustrated, and many more have written feature articles on Alford and his work. He has been interviewed on over 400 radio and TV shows as a subject matter expert, by hosts like Janice Lieberman of CNBC “Steals and Deals”, Ben Dover Dallas Am News, Regis and Kathy Lee, Nancy Glass,  Barry Farber, Charles Kuralt, BET, NBC, CBS, ABC.  They have all made glowing remarks about him and his work to enlighten consumers.

Alford is the founder of DISASTER MASTERS®, the oldest disaster prevention and recovery Firm in the USA. Today he is a Director and the lead project manager, as well as the founder and brains behind the Consumer’s Action Plan.

Alford provided 3 months of intensive lecturing for the Miami Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami  following Hurricane Andrew where he taught victims and their families how to select and manage contractors and more importantly how to get insurers to pay legitimate claims base on what needed to be done, not what insurers thought that they should pay.
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Alford is still in the business of saving people and organizations time, money and grief, by using his 3+ decades of experience.

Alford educates people to prevent serious stress, additional loss of dollars and time by making simple daily checks around them.

Alford’s “get real” recommendations to personally take charge of your possessions and life  started with his first book in 1988 and now Dr. Phil has become famous for the same methodology with personal issues.  After you have read Alford’s books or attended one of his workshops, you will never see aggravation management and insurance companies in the same light.

Alford’s message is simple. If you don’t learn to manage your stuff, your stuff will manage you.

After helping several thousands of victims of fire, floods, hurricanes, car wrecks, and just stupid human errors, Alford provides insight and wisdom which is truly valuable and unique. He still focuses his skills to provide ordinary people with simple tools to avoid all sorts of stress.

Alford clearly demonstrates that yesterday’s consumer training given by insurance agents and insurers is almost never in your best  interest.

The Point.  Who does the insurance company president call when his home has a flood or wind damage?

TV and Radio talk show hosts often refer to Alford as “The Professor of The College of Emergency Knowledge” or the Man with ThePlan.   His humor about this serious subject provides consumers with a fast start to relearn how to deal with stressful situations such as auto wreck, disability, flood, injury and even death claims. He also teaches large and small companies how to reduce the cost of insurance by being proactive rather than reactive.

Alford’s program, “Think Before Insurance” is new economic information. It makes no financial sense to buy insurance unless you know how to collect the money. Alford sees the internet as a new way for insurers to continue to train consumers to fill out forms online to save money.

What good is a parachute that is filled with holes and has a few parts missing?

In today’s fast world of change anyone who still believe that insurers and their agents will come to their rescue are simply living in a dream. This new economy is causing insurers to be more stringent than they have ever been. Alford is also a founding member of Consumers Against Insurance Abuse.

Ron’s Books and Articles

Ron has written four books and numerous articles to help consumers get what they deserve from insurance companies.

Having access to all of Ron’s books and articles is just one of the benefits of becoming a member of ThePlan