The Claim Game

Big insurance companies have big defense teams on their side to protect their interest first and yours last the minute you need to recover from an accident or disaster. 

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Big insurance companies brag about ‘AAA’ ratings of financial strength, but guess what? They get those by keeping money, not by handing it out to claimants. Forget those “we care” slogans because their adjusters sing a different song. By definition, claimants become opponents in the Claim Game. The adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money. They don’t care about the time you lose or the aggravation you have because you do not understand their Rules of their Claim Game. Insurers are very comforting when they take your money – not so when you make a claim.

A Bit About the Claim Game
To win in the insurer’s Claim Game, you have to lose your vehicle, your home, your ability to work or your way of life. When you lose the use of your car or home; in order to return to normalcy you have to learn ALL of the steps you must undergo to collect what you are due in the Claim Game under severe stress. What’s more, the Claim Game is never played on level ground.  Claimants always have a serious handicap before the Claim Game begins.


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Take tennis for example: On one side of the net is you the victim, on the other side of the net are dozens of seasoned professionals playing against you so that you cannot collect a dime more than you are entitled. You have one tiny racket; they cover the other side and have enormous rackets and a billion man hours practicing playing their game.

The Consumer’s Action Plan redresses this balance, and puts you on a level playing field with your insurer.

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Ron Alford’s book contains priceless information on how to get everything you deserve from any insurance claim. It walks you through an actual insurance claim from beginning to end and tells you:

  • How to get qualified help at claim time
  • The opposing forces between the insured and the company
  • How to handle ambulance-chasing opportunity seekers
  • How to avoid ‘dodge and delay’ practices of adjusters
  • The 11 rights of the consumer

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Inside information previously available only to insurance executives including:

  • Tips on how to save time, money, and get what you want
  • Checklists, so that nothing goes undone
  • Milestone Chart, to see where you are at any point in time
  • Road map to recovery
  • Forms that make it really easy for you

Some of Ron’s book fans…

Incredible Information,  
Reviewer: A reader from Charleston, SC
The Author, Ron Alford, was interviewed on MSNBC about the Oklahoma Tornado victims, talking about what people can do to plan for disasters, large and small. I got this book the same day, and now I feel prepared and aware of so much that I never thought about before. It is really good stuff, and I thank the author for sharing his “insider’s information” that insurance people never will. I am ready for claim day.


A Real Piece of Mind  
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, Washington
Every Woman car owner should read this book right now!  The knowledge I got saved me $2300 when I had an accident.  I never thought I’d read any book about ‘insurance’—but this one is a page-turner.  It gave me instant insight and confidence to manage an ugly situation and come out okay.  Before this, I had no idea what really goes on when your car is repaired and how awful it is to get an insurance company to do the right thing.  This book is now my BIBLE—and I give to everyone I know who buys a new car!


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