What is ThePlan?

The Consumer’s Action Plan is a well-tested personal accident and disaster recovery plan for people who own homes, businesses and vehicles.

Plan for Disaster Now

Introducing ThePlan

ThePlan is similar to the disaster recovery plans in large business, where they have a structured process for dealing with out of course events that cost them lost time, disruption of business and dollars, until they can get back to normal.


ThePlan provides its members with empowerment, education and live support services during the worst days of their lives, to ease the stress and vulnerabilities that come with accidents and disasters.<./p>


ThePlan goes even further in that it provides members with up to date information about the claim paying ratings of insurers, and their “approved” allies who save insurer’s money by discounting services.

We enable our members to understand the tricks insurers and their assigns employ and how to avoid them with ease.


The small investment of membership in ThePlan is recovered in more ways than one.

We provide members with inside information on how to shop for insurance, without taking advice from those who sell protection.

  • In short ThePlan protects it’s members from their protectors, among other benefits.

Get Expert Advice

For less than $0.25 a day, a member has at hand over 700 years of collective experience and knowledge of Subject Matter Experts in the disaster recovery industry.

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